Registering Your Domain

Registering your domain

While the domain registration process is relatively simple and easy, choosing a domain name has become a bit of a challenge.  Ideally, you would choose a name that is short in length and easy to remember.  However, you may find the names you choose that meet these requirements are no longer available.  They are already being used or they have been registered and are available for sale at a premium price.  If you are creating a business website and you need your domain name to be instrumental in drawing traffic to your site, there is some merit to purchasing a domain name from a re-seller.  If the purchase of a domain name from a re-seller is cost prohibitive or not a requirement you can use some creativity in selecting a name that is available for registration.  Choose a longer name or a combination of words that is available for the normal registration fee.  Typical fees for domain registration range from $9 to $12 per year depending on the number of years you purchase.

For example let’s say your business is plumbing and you live in Denver.  You will find that plumbing and most every combination of a name to do with Denver and plumbing is being used or it is for sale at a premium price.  However, if you 
choose a domain name like firstchoicedenverplumbing, you will likely find this is available.  Although it is available you need to consider the length of the domain name that your customers will have to type.  Long domain names can be frustrating for your customers and increases the risk of typos.  Keep in mind that many customers likely reach your site through a link whether it be from a browser search or a marketing communication.  

A simple solution to solve the long domain name is to create an acronym of your business name.  Once your customers become familiar with your business and you begin referring to your site with an acronym, it will be easy for customers remember the acronym.
An example for would be which is likely available.  You could register both domains since the fee for domain name registration is relatively inexpensive. Both domain names can direct visitors to the same website.

When registering your domain you will also need to choose a top level domain.  The more common top levels are .com, .net and .org. with .com being the most popular. 

If branding is important to you, you may want to consider purchasing multiple domains to secure your brand for the more popular top levels.  As an example, you may choose to register .com domain.  If you do not register the matching domains for .net or .org and your brand becomes very strong.  Someone could use these and compromise your brand.